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New Guilford Brethren In Christ

Pastor Lawton became the senior pastor in November of 2006 after serving for two and a half years on staff. Before coming to New Guilford he served in pastoral ministry for ten years in other Brethren In Christ Churches. He and his wife Mary have been married since January 3, 2004. Lawton and Mary have three sons. Lawton’s passion is to be part of a church that is in love with God and shares that love with others inside and outside of the church. He values committed God-centered relationships, teamwork, and living by faith.

His interests include spending time with the family, running, four-wheeling, sports, and watching movies. Lawton and Mary are excited about serving God and the New Guilford Brethren In Christ Church. They look forward to seeing God work in their midst.

As Tonya Grissinger looks back on this journey God has been taking her on over the last 4-5 years, she can see his hand in every step along the way.  One of the most common pieces of advice that she was given over the last few years has been to grow where she was planted and she set out to do just that. Little did she know though that in 2018 God would decide to uproot her from the only church family she had ever known and plant her into the New Guilford church family to continue to grow here serving as worship director.  She is so thankful for where God has her in this season and  blessed to be serving here. 

The Brethren in Christ denomination upholds the following core values. (For a detailed look at Brethren in Christ faith and doctrine, visit

Our Mission

To build and nurture relationships with God and others, worship God in everyday life, and serve the community in the name of Jesus.


Our Vision

The New Guilford BIC Church embraces the verse, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13) as encouragement and reason for trusting Jesus Christ with our today and tomorrow.  We live for today asking God to make a difference right now, right here.  We look forward to tomorrow with the understanding that God wants to do more… take us deeper in a relationship with Him and others, make His will and ways more evident in our lives, and use us in a greater way to impact our neighbors, friends, and even strangers.