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Testing Our Biblical Knowledge

One of the areas of learning for the year is Bible Knowledge. Let’s test our knowledge in

this area. Over the next several months several Bible questions will be included in the newsletter. See if you can answer them without opening your Bible. After a legitimate effort has been made go ahead and look up the answers if need be. At the end of the year we will take the test again with no help to see what we have learned. The correct answers will then be given at that time. Have fun learning!

By the way, if these questions look familiar, this test was used at Shalom for quite a while.

Questions on the Bible (Part 1)

List the 10 Commandments:

Which one of these books is not in the Bible?

a. Isaiah; b. Jude; c. Hezekiah; d. Amos; e. Song of Solomon

Adam and Eve had two sons. Which son killed his brother?

a. Abel; b. Ishmael; c. Tubal; d. Melchizedek; e. Cain

Who was the first king of Israel?

a. Saul; b. Solomon; c. David; d. Samuel; e. Moses

Sarah and Abraham had a son in their old age and whose name

meant "laughter." What was his name?

a. Samuel; b. Moses; c. Isaac; d. Jacob; e. Ishmael

Which one of the following is not an Old Testament prophet?

a. Elisha; b. Elijah; c. Aaron; d. Isaiah; e. Joel

Place these events in their correct Biblical order (numbering 1-5):

___ The giving of the law at Mt. Sinai

___ Creation

___ The Fall

___ The Exodus led by Moses

___ The Flood of Noah

Place the following Biblical characters in their correct Biblical order

(numbering 1-5):

___ Moses

___ Adam

___ David

___ Solomon

___ Abraham

Which book is from the New Testament?

a. Judges; b. Malachi; c. Deuteronomy; d. Hebrews; e. Isaiah



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