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NG Academy Coming Soon!

What is the NG Academy?

It is a fun way to be intentional about learning. From April 1 to October 31, we will have the opportunity to participate in activities and studies that will challenge us to grow in four areas: 1-Bible Knowledge; 2-Experiencing Christ; 3-Connecting with Others; 4-Healthy Living

There will be 6 to 8 options available in each area. Credit will be received for each activity you complete. On November 6 we will have a special service to celebrate our accomplishments.

Why are we doing this?

God wants us to grow and learning is essential to growth. It is also important to remember that growth does not really take place if we don’t apply what we learn. I would not be surprised that we discover we already know most of this as we participate in these activities. The real challenge comes when applying it, not just for six months, but the rest of our lives.

Questions on the Bible (Part 2)

Here are the Bible questions for this month. If you need to open the Bible to find the answers, go ahead and do so at this point, but completing this quiz without looking will be one of the ways to earn credits during the NG academic year.

Who wrote the Biblical book "Philemon?"

a. Philemon; b. Paul; c. Peter; d. Onesimus; e. John

Which one of the following men were among Jesus' twelve apostles?

a. Paul; b. Matthew; c. Luke; d. Timothy; e. Silas

Who was the person whom Pontius Pilate released during Jesus' trial?

a. Barnabas; b. Peter; c. Silas; d. Barabbas; e. Paul

How many temptations did Jesus experience in the wilderness?

a. one; b. two; c. three; d. four; e. five

How long was Jesus tempted in the wilderness?

a. 3 days; b. one week (then he rested); c. 30 days; d. 40 days; e. 7 weeks

Place the following events in their correct Biblical order (numbering 1-5):

___ The Holy Spirit descends on Pentecost

___ John has a vision on the Island of Patmos

___ Jesus is Baptized in the Jordan River

___ Paul, Barnabas and Mark are sent out on a mission by the church

___ Peter denies that he knows Jesus

Place the following Biblical characters/events in their correct order

(numbering 1-4):

___ Paul's arrest in Jerusalem

___ Mary’s song upon hearing Gabriel’s message of Jesus' conception & forthcoming birth

___ Nicodemus' conversation about rebirth

___ Peter's denial of Jesus



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