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Are We Fulfilling Our Mission?

Every week you see our mission statement in the Family Connection, but have you seen

how we envision living that out. I thought this would be a good time to share both the mission and the vision statement with you. Do you see us living this out as a church?

New Guilford BIC Church

“Living for God with Others”

Our Mission:

To build and nurture relationships with God and others, worship God in everyday life, and serve the community in the name of Jesus.

Our Vision: The New Guilford BIC Church embraces the verse, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13) as encouragement and reason for trusting Jesus Christ with our today and tomorrow. We live for today asking God to make a difference right now, right here. We look forward to tomorrow with the understanding that God wants to do more… take us deeper in a relationship with Him and others, make His will and ways more evident in our lives, and use us in a greater way to impact our neighbors, friends and even strangers.

A Vision for Deeper Relationships

We desire to be a church that creates an atmosphere where healthy relationships with Christ and others flourish. We acknowledge the need for all people to be reconciled with God. Through the worship service, Sunday School classes, special events, and other church related activities we will challenge and expect people to begin and grow in Christ. We will teach with clarity that a relationship with Christ mends our broken relationship with God and creates a solid foundation for relationships with others.

We encourage commitment and faithfulness not only to Jesus Christ but to one another. We will be intentional about looking beyond barriers that commonly hinder relationships – age, race, culture, and social status. From the moment a visitor is in our midst we will make them feel accepted and loved. Relationships will become an avenue through which we minister to one another and reach out to those around us.

A Vision for a Christ-like Lifestyle

Living for Christ will bring obvious change in our attitudes and behavior. We will equip and

encourage believers to follow Christ in all areas of life – at home, the work place, school, and social activities. We will teach and challenge believers to be dependent on God in everyday life. Prayer and Bible reading will be a common practice and a means of knowing God and His will.

A Vision to Impact Our Community

We will be actively involved in our community with the purpose of knowing and meeting needs. We will practice hospitality with neighbors, friends, and strangers, opening our hearts and homes to those dealing with desperate times. Through giving of our time and resources we will create a culture of service that not only takes us into our local community but connects us with needs in our nation and world.



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